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Are We a Fit?

Every single person here is a long-term player who wants to be a part of something big.

Are we a fit for each other?
The ability to create lasting professional relationships is foundational for a successful career as a financial advisor with our firm.

Do you have heart, drive, and commitment?
But there’s more to it…all of our financial advisors share the following attributes:

By “heart” we mean:

  • Ethical integrity and fundamental solid values
  • An emphasis on seeking solutions, not casting blame
  • Honest communications, openness, and room for a difference of opinions
  • A commitment to giving advice on the basis of sound principles
  • Doing the "right thing" and conducting yourself in a professional manner

By “drive” we mean:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit that relentlessly seeks to innovate
  • Creativity
  • Decisiveness
  • Initiative for self-growth
  • Leadership
  • A continuous desire to find the optimal balance between flexibility and control
  • A disciplined, goal-oriented individual who continues to learn and grow

By commitment we mean:

  • Commitment to our vision, the company and to our clients
  • Missionary zeal in representing the “R&R Way”
  • Sense of responsibility and personal empowerment
  • Encouraging people to grow and empowering them to do so
  • Our promise to do what has been asked and our pledge to provide whatever assistance required to meet our shared commitment

Are you ready to take ownership of your career?
If you believe that you have heart, drive and commitment, then contact us to start a conversation about a future with our firm.