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If you want to work here, you will need to have a heart the size of Texas…that’s how invested you will be in our clients’ wellbeing.


Why become an R&R Financial Partners Advisor?
Financial advising based on creating a high trust relationship offers benefits to both lifetime clients and to the financial advisors who serve them.

From the client’s perspective, a high trust relationship with R&R Financial Partners offers the assurance that the client’s values and priorities are center stage and serve as the centerpiece for the advice and programming to support the client’s quest for financial success throughout their ever changing life.

From the advisor’s perspective, by providing sound financial advice for a client’s entire lifetime, an advisor is in a great position to build a lasting business and with greater ability to serve their client’s needs.

Create wealth, don’t chase it.
The process of creating a high trust relationship with our clients is fundamental to our culture. Our focus of creating wealth, where others are chasing wealth, has served our clients well. By working with client families that are not the target of many of our competitors’, our advisors are making a difference in their clients’ lives and are better off because of it.