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For Government Employees

We’ve developed a reputation for knowing the ins and outs of the alphabet soup of acronyms in government services benefits programs, and for helping government services employees better understand their benefits. 

We know your acronyms inside and out
Our Government Services Planning Team specializes in providing financial advice to a broad range of government employees – including federal employees, first responders, state and municipal workers. Over the years, we have developed subject matter expertise in the workings of CSRS, CSRS Offset, FERS, Commissioned Corps and other programs.

Why would you need financial advice?
We recognize that federal employees and government have excellent benefits packages. Yet, the majority of our clients in this field do not fully understand how their benefits work, and consequently do not fully leverage them. Nor do they know about the shortcomings of their benefits and how to address the gaps.  We do.

Work with an advisor who speaks your language
Many government employees don’t feel that they are in an income range that might warrant the services of a financial planner. In fact, that is precisely why you would want to work with a financial advisor who understands your current benefit structure and spends countless hours researching changing trends in the governmental system. 

We look forward to working with you. Contact us for a consultation.