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Our Process

We choose not to work with people who are interested in chasing returns. Our work is serious; our relationships are designed for the long term.


How will we work together?

We will take you through a thorough and systematic process that allows for periodic review and adjustment of your finances. As your life changes, so will your needs. Our goal is to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Introductory meeting

When we meet for the first time, our objective is to get to know each other well. You will have the opportunity to ask many questions, and determine if you would like to embark on the planning process with us.

Discovery meeting

In this meeting, we will do some deeper discovery. Our goal is to gather symptoms, rather than make a diagnosis. Do you believe in having a financial plan and are you dedicated to your financial future?


We take the data you have gathered and do the number crunching and analysis to determine what you are doing well, where you can improve and specifically how to improve and present you with your options.


We document our recommendations in the form of a written plan. You can implement the plan with us or with a financial advisor of your choice.


Should you choose to implement your plan with us, we meet again to implement your plan. After that we meet every four months to make sure things are on track, and to stay in a proactive mindset.

Progress meetings

Life is not a straight line…  Progress meetings allow us to keep a pulse on your financial plan and evaluate your steady progress. One meeting focuses on your cash flow and tax strategies, another on your risk profile, while another will help you plan for the year ahead.

Over the course of the year, we also stay in touch via regular email, phone, and in-person contact.